In addition to knowing why communism must end, I believe it is also important to know how we can end it, and to that goal what practical steps we should take to bring this about.

There are several approaches one can take to ending modern communism including using brute force (war), civil war (the citizens overthrow the government – revolution), economic sanctions/pressure (bankrupting the economy), and isolationism (not doing business with the country). Clearly, some of these are practical while others are not.

One thing is very clear ending communism is going to take a huge global effort and we must unite and work together as a team to accomplish this. Team building is vital and involves both grass roots and national efforts. If you have any good ideas or recommendations that you would like to post on my blog please email them to me so I can review them.

I suggest the following practical steps

1 – stop supporting, in every way, modern communistic regimes
2 – stop doing business with companies that directly do business with communist governments
3 – lobby local, state, and federal leaders to put pressure on the 5 remaining communist countries to transition to other forms of governments
4 – create, support, or work with anti-communism organizations or social groups that have the proper values, attitudes, ethics, social norms and teach these to everyone
5 – work with and support anti-communist governments and leaders who will work to end communism
6 – if you live in a communist country – leave the country (with your family) and move to a better country – seek political asylum