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Mission Statement: To continually and vigorously combat and permanently end communism globally.

Hello and welcome to my blog.  My name is Manuel Balian and I created and dedicated this blog to fighting and permanently ending communism globally.  To this end, I invite everyone to be educated and informed, raise awareness, take the proper actions in your communities, and post articles and essays on this subject.  The proper response to communism is righteousness, and this entails changing our hearts and minds (world view) from being secular to being righteous, moral/ethical, virtuous, and just.

Fighting communism is directly fighting against evil and injustice, and directly fighting for social justice, human rights, civil liberties, the moral law, morality, and virtue.

Additionally, I strongly believe we must always champion biblical righteousness throughout our lives and that this is our permanent primary moral duty. However, this championing clearly pits man against evil because this is the primary force we are always fighting against. From this it follows that we are fighting evil on two fronts one against evil itself, and the other against evil people who champion evil in whatever form.

There is an enormous amount of writing on the subject of communism. Many calling it immoral/unethical and unjust, while others say it is evil because it authors evil.

Let me be very clear my position is – communism is evil and it is our moral duty to vigorously fight and permanently end it everywhere.  Communism is never acceptable and we must be vigilant, educated, and very strong in our ongoing efforts to fight and end it globally. Ending communism will directly make the world a better place to live in. All of us must unite and use prudent, practical, ethical/moral, and lawful means in combating communism.

If you have any personal experiences with communism that you want to post on my blog to share with everyone, I invite you to email me your stories so I can review them.

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